Dan R. Stiver, Ph.D.

Seminary Faculty

Professor of Theology

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Dr. Stiver came to Logsdon in 1998 from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught Christian philosophy for 14 years. His publications include The Philosophy of Religious Language: Sign, Symbol, and Story (1996) and Theology after Ricoeur: New Directions in Hermeneutical Theology (2001). Dr. Stiver also authored chapters for numerous books and is a frequent contributor of articles to journals. He frequently presents scholarly papers to professional societies and organizations. Dr. Stiver has served as pastor in Missouri and Indiana and engaged in missions in Mexico. Currently, he is actively involved in community service as a board member for the non-profit organization Just People.

Degrees Earned:

Bachelor's ~ Religion ~ William Jewell College ~ 1976

Master's ~ M. Div ~ Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ~ 1979

Doctorate ~ Theology ~ Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ~ 1983

Courses Taught:

BIBL 1301 - Old Testament Survey

PHIL 4320 - Philosophy of Religion

THEO 4099 - History of Biblical Interpretation

THEO 6101 - Theological Research

THEO 6220 - Christian Philosophy

THEO 6320 -

THEO 6352 - Theological Thought in Historical Context II

THEO 6373 - Readings in Theology


HSU Administration

Lanny Hall, Ph.D., President
Thomas V. Brisco, Ph.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Vicki House, M.B.A.,
Vice-President for Enrollment Management
Brenda Alexander, B.B.A., Vice-President for FinanceĀ 
Mike Hammack, M.B.A., Vice-President for
Institutional Advancement
Dave Rozeboom, Ph.D., Vice-President for Student Life

Seminary Trustee Advisory Board

Dr. Randel Everett, Midland, Chair
Dr. Brent Gentzel, Kaufman
Mrs. Leigh King, Abilene
Mrs. Peggy Manning, Abilene
Mr. John Sieren, Arlington

Logsdon Seminary Administration and Staff

Don Williford, Ph.D., Dean of Logsdon School of Theology
Penny Gammill, A.A., Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Robert R. Ellis
, Ph.D.
, Associate Dean for Academics for Logsdon Seminary
Rosie Hollingsworth, M.M.A., Assistant to the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary

Ken Lyle, Jr.
, Ph.D.
, Director of the Master of Divinity Program
Randall Maurer, Ph.D., Director of Master of Arts in Family Ministry Program
Dan Stiver, Ph.D. Director of the Master of Arts (Religion) Program
Larry Baker, Th.D., Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
Lori West, Administrative Assistant to the Logsdon Financial Officer
James Stone, M.Div., Director of Placement and Congregational Resourcing
Daniel Martin, B.B.S., Coordinator for Student Services and Admissions

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