Daniel L. Martin

Coordinator of Student Services and Admissions

Seminary Staff

Office Location: LT 136
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Daniel joined Logsdon in April as the seminary’s new Coordinator of Prospective Student Services and Admission after previously serving as Graduate Assistant to the Associate Dean.

After serving in the US Army for six years, Daniel completed his Bachelor of Behavioral Science in Political Science at Hardin-Simmons University, and continued at Logsdon, pursuing the Master of Divinity Degree.

Daniel is married to Rebekah Martin, who works for Deborah’s Collection, a skin care company in Abilene, Texas. Daniel loves both Hebrew and Greek and expressing his passion for God’s word. He believes in seminary education, the mission of Logsdon Seminary and is passionate about prospective students.


HSU Administration

Lanny Hall, Ph.D., President
Thomas V. Brisco, Ph.D., Provost, Chief Academic Officer
Vicki House, M.B.A.,
Vice-President for Enrollment Management
Mike Hammack, M.B.A., Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Harold Preston, M.B.A., Senior Vice-President for Finance, Chief Operations Officer
Dave Rozeboom, Ph.D., Senior Vice-President for Student Development

Seminary Trustee Advisory Board

Dr. Brent Gentzel, Kaufman
Mrs. Tina Hunter, Abilene, Chair
Dr. Jerry Joplin
, Lubbock
Mrs. Leigh King, Abilene
Rev. Joe Martinez, Houston
Mrs. Norma Schaffer, Abilene
Dr. Glen Schmucker, Fair Oaks Ranch

Logsdon Seminary Administration and Staff

Don Williford, Ph.D., Dean of Logsdon Seminary & School of Theology
Penny Gammill, A.A., Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Robert R. Ellis
, Ph.D.
, Associate Dean of Academics
Rosie Hollingsworth, M.M.A., Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academics

Ken Lyle, Jr.
, Ph.D.
, Director of the Master of Divinity Program
Randall Maurer, Ph.D., Director of Master of Arts in Family Ministry Program
Larry Baker, Th.D., Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
Omer Hancock, Th.D., Financial Officer and Director of University In-Service Training
James Stone, M.Div., Director of Placement and Congregational Resourcing
Daniel Martin, B.B.S., Coordinator for Student Services and Admissions

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