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Telling the Story, Editorial Introduction 

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Three excellent articles await your reading. The three develop around the theme "Telling the Story."  The Story, of course, is the Gospel, the Master Narrative, for Christians.

The writers for this issue are veteran pastors and preachers.  Their particular contexts and life experience formed the bases for the request of each of them to prepare his respective article.

Larry Baker is a pastor in a place which at first look appears to be a retirement community, Sun City, Phoenix, Arizona.  There is an interesting synergy in the congregation, though, as not just senior adults make up the congregation, but other ages, too.  Thus, Baker must preach and minister with "The Story of the Ages across the Ages."  He demonstrates in his article such is the necessity for our times and places.  Not the least of the strength of the article are Baker’s perspectives on the whys and hows of sermon preparation.

We must observe, however, that we must be able to tell the Story across, not only  age levels; for how arrogant is it that we think we should be prepared to present only to a small range of personalities, ages, economic backgrounds, and family relationships?  Some of Jesus' last words were that His disciples should go into all their worlds, wherever we may live and move, and tell the Story.

Harry Lucenay serves as pastor of Kowloon International Baptist Church.  He has served churches in Mississippi and Texas.  The current place of service gave rise to Harry's presentation at last summer's meeting of the Baptist World Alliance which forms a major portion of the article "Preaching the Truth Across Cultures."  The geographical and cultural context of Harry's place of ministry can be put into stark relief in contrast with the geographical and cultural context in which most of us live and work.  The sensitivities which Harry's context brings to him for response out of and through the Gospel are no less those we should carry, however.  For, our perceptions should be coming to bear that we do live in local, regional, national, and global cultures which deeply need the sounds and touches of the Gospel. These cultural presentations, however, are complex and problematic.  Traditional proclamations may well not find hearing.

Finally, David Sapp brings to the Window readership an important ingredient sometimes overlooked in a minister's preparation and presentation, that of her and his integrity.  With "Telling the Story with Integrity" Sapp reminds us that one ministers and extends the Gospel out of who one is.  The doing and telling of the Gospel must find authenticity and validity in the doer's and teller's being and character.  As one is informed and formed by the Gospel, so must one's acts and words be informed and formed.

Sapp brings his pastoral experience of many years and his academic training and denominational work as a Christian ethicist to bear on a theme which bears the need of continual and persistent articulation.

Join us in Telling the Story.William M. Tillman, Jr.  

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