Faculty Updates Spring 2009

Faculty Updates Spring 2009

Tommy Brisco has begun an interim pastorate at FBC, Levelland, Texas.

Bob Ellis led a Bible conference in February on Malachi at First Baptist Church, Colorado City. He will also participate in the Deans’ Retreat sponsored by the Baptist General Convention of Texas at Salado in May. Last fall Bob and Teresa Ellis led a six-week spiritual formation workshop at First Baptist Church, Abilene, on “Unto the Least of These: Justice for All,” addressing Christian responses to social injustices. They are leading a workshop at the church this spring on prayer. Bob continues to serve as the Book Review Editor for and a contributor to the journal Review & Expositor.

Teresa Ellis recently submitted a book review of a three volume set entitled, Church-State Issues in America Today, for Theological Librarianship, the online journal of the American Theological Library Association.  The review was published in the journal’s December 2008 issue.

Travis Frampton is currently serving as President of the Southwest Regional National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion and will present the Presidential address in March. He is currently writing an article on Spinoza's influence in biblical scholarship for the third volume of A History of Biblical Interpretation  (Eerdmans). He also did supply preaching this winter for churches in Haskell and Stamford.

James Heflin has completed an interim pastorate at East Side Baptist Church, Haskell.    He taught a weekend conference on “Church Vitality” at First Baptist Church, Ralls, TX in September.  He led sessions on “Communicating Christ in the Church” at the First Central Presbyterian Church in Abilene three successive Wednesday evenings in October.  On November 9, 2008 he preached at the 157th anniversary celebration of First Baptist Church, Mansfield, Louisiana, a church he once served as pastor.   January 17-18, 2009 he attended the board meeting of Bulgarian Child, Inc. in Dallas with his wife Wilma who is a member of the board.

Ken Lyle was the featured speaker at the Callahan Baptist Association annual Prayer Conference held at FBC Baird, TX.  He also preached the annual sermon at the Rolling Plains Baptist Network Annual Meeting held at Colonial Hill Baptist Church, Snyder, TX.  he completed an interim pastorate at FBC Sweetwater, TX.  In addition, Ken attended the New Baptist Covenant Meeting held in Atlanta, GA traveling with a group of Logsdon students.  Ken made his fourth trip to Nigeria to teach a doctoral seminar at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, in Ogbomoso.  This Spring, Ken participated in the Baptist-Church of Christ Dialogue sponsored by Hardin Simmons and Abilene Christian University.  Ken contributed  to "Bible Comments" for Adult Teaching Guides, Participating in God's Mission, "Unit Three: God's Call to You" published by Baptist Way Press (forthcoming Summer 2009). 

Larry McGraw has printed another book in December, the second in a series.   It is entitled The Bible Says: Daily Devotional Insights from Matthew. Kelly Pigott has been selected as one of the editors of the Texas Baptist History Journal, and will have a couple of book reviews published by them in the upcoming issue.  He served on a panel for the Church of Christ/ Baptist Dialogue at Abilene Christian University.  He has been appointed the representative for HSU for the BGCT Hope 2010 emphasis.

Susan Pigott was the featured speaker for the First Central Presbyterian (Abilene) women's retreat (February 6-7). She also led a session of the Threshold Explorations program for gifted children in March.

Ronnie Prevost continues to serve on the Editorial Board of Religious Education Association’s journal, Religious Education and as an editor for the web-based research site, “Christian Educators of the 20th Century.” He is the interim pastor of First Baptist Church in Winters, Texas. The St. Vincent and Grenadines Baptist Convention has asked him to write their official history. Also, he is planning to lead a class on a mission trip to minister in St. Vincent in July of 2009.

Dan Stiver gave a keynote speech in October 2008 to the Ricoeur Conference on Poetics and Religion in Leuven, Belgium, entitled “One Philosophy, Many Theologies: A Hermeneutical Spiral from Ricoeur to Theology.” He was elected to be Vice-President of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion and Vice-President of the Society for Ricoeur Studies. His book, Life Together in the Way of Jesus Christ: An Introduction to Christian Theology, published by Baylor Press, came out in January 2009.

Bill Tillman is coordinating the 2009 T. B. Maston Christian Ethics Lectures, with Dr. Emmanuel McCall lecturer.  He continues to provide editing for Window and the “Right or Wrong” column with the Baptist Standard.  He led a Bible study on “The Sermon on the Mount,” at First Baptist Church, Comanche, TX, January 23-25.  He will present a lecture “The Bible and Hunger,” as a part of the Currie-Strickland lectures at Howard Payne University, April 27.  He will co-present a paper, “3 Ms: Martin, Maston, and Millard,” with W. Andrew Tillman at the Baptist History and Heritage annual meeting, FBC, Huntsville, Alabama, June 6.  He will be presenting lectures through Porta, a CBF Christian Community Ministries venue, Athens, Greece, July 19-25.  He is to present a paper “400 Years of Baptist Christian Ethics,” for  the Christian Ethics Commission, Baptist World Alliance, Edes, The Netherlands, in July.  He will co-present a breakout session, “Collaboration: It is Not Only About You, Or Me,” at the CBF General Assembly in Houston, TX, July 3.  He has done manuscript reviews on learner’s and teacher’s guides, for “Participating in God’s Mission,” for the Adult Bible Study for BaptistWay Press.


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