Logsdon Personnel

Logsdon Seminary’s commitment to providing practical and academically engaging theological education is reflected in those who serve as administrators, faculty and staff. Logsdon personnel have the reputation of deep involvement in a wide array of practical church ministries, maintaining an active engagement with the local churches in which they are members – creating an environment where the importance of a practically-oriented seminary education is understood.

In particular, the faculty of Logsdon Seminary have decades of experience teaching in graduate theological programs across the country. They are scholars who actively engage their academic professions and are widely published in articles and books. At the same time, the principal commitment of the faculty is to their educational role of preparing women and men for ministry. As ministers themselves, each have served in a variety of congregational leadership roles, and are committed to building personal relationships with students while serving as mentors for ministry. From the  wealth of their experience, seminary faculty are able to create for students an ideal learning environment for personal growth through the integration of theological disciplines with the effective practice of ministry.

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