Kelly D. Pigott

Kelly D. Pigott, Ph.D.

HSU is not only about academic excellence, it is a community where people are genuinely concerned about one another. It is also a place to grow spiritually, where an open dialogue can take place about God, ethics, and morality. The goal is not conformity but maturity. We want students to leave HSU with a spiritual foundation that looks beyond the easy answers. So that when they face their crises of belief, they have what it takes to persevere and prevail. This also means that we want Baptist students to leave inspired to be great Baptist leaders in their churches…and Methodists students to be great Methodist leaders, and Catholic students to be great Catholic leaders, and so on. At HSU, your education is not complete until it is “enlightened by faith.”

Degrees Earned:

Bachelor's ~ Religion and English ~ Samford University ~ 1985
Master's ~ M. Div ~ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ~ 1989
Doctorate ~ Church History ~ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ~ 1993

Courses Taught:

BIBL 1301 - Old Testament Survey
BIBL 1302 - New Testament Survey
CHST 4353 - Christian History
CHST 5353 - Christian History
MNST 2301 - Communication of the Gospel
MNST 3343 - Evangelism
MNST 6350 - Evangelism and Church Growth