Spiritual Formation

M.A. Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is an integral part of the Master of Arts in Family Ministry. Three courses in particular have significant spiritual formation components: Preparation for Ministry in the Church (normally taken in the first year), Supervision in Ministry (in the last year), and Capstone (normally taken in the last semester). In addition to curriculum focused on spiritual formation, students are also required to participate in Ministry Formation Activities designed to aid in spiritual development for ministry.

Ministry Formation Activities

Ministry Formation Activities are required for all MAFM students. They provide opportunities of spiritual and ministerial formation outside the coursework of the MAFM.


The Spiritual Formation Colloquium is held on Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Colloquium involves either a chapel service or a small group meeting followed by a community lunch. The Colloquium involves worship, guided theological reflection, and dialogue within the graduate theological community. Each MDiv student enrolls in Colloquium for two semesters during the Fall or Spring terms.


Participation in the Ministry Formation Retreat occurs during the second year of the Master of Family Ministry program. The purpose of the Retreat is to provide a student with an opportunity for reflection on spiritual and ministry formation at the mid-point of the MAFM. When a student has completed between 24 and 36 semester hours of curriculum, he or she is required to participate. The retreat is normally held in the Spring semester.


Logsdon recognizes that participation in ministry conferences outside the structured curriculum is an important part of the MAFM experience. Consequently, a student is required to participate in at least three Ministry Formation Conferences in the course of the program – preferably one per semester. Logsdon offers regular conferences addressing biblical, theological, and ministerial issues. Most of these events qualify as Ministry Formation Conferences. Numerous conferences offered at other venues may also meet this requirement; however, a student must obtain approval by the Associate Dean prior to participation in order for the conference to meet this requirement. Promptly after participation in a Ministry Formation Conference, a student provides evidence of involvement (normally in the form of a conference agenda) to the Office of the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary. A student is not required to pay tuition for Ministry Formation Activities; however, other fees may be charged. Some scholarship monies may be available to assist with certain fees. Transcript credit is assigned for completion of some of these activities; however, that credit is not computed in a student’s grade point average (GPA).