Master of Arts in Religion

The Master of Arts (Religion) is a 36-hour thesis program offering advanced academic study in religion with a concentration in either biblical studies or theological studies. Its purpose is to enhance the understanding of theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational purposes. While not providing professional ministerial training, the seminary context provides a significant ecclesial dimension to the degree.

The goals of the Master of Arts (Religion) degree are:

  • To offer a broad understanding of biblical and theological studies
  • To provide a focused understanding of an area of concentration in either biblical studies or theological studies
  • To create a context for independent study sufficient to enable contributions to the field of religion through research and writing.

Dr. Dan Stiver serves as the Program Director for the Master of Arts in Religion.Any academic questions should be addressed to his office (325.670.1398 For more information see the Logsdon Seminary Catalog.