M.Div. Prerequisites

Students in the Master of Divinity must hold an accredited bachelor’s degree. Logsdon’s Master of Divinity is designed to allow students with previous academic work in scripture and theology to begin with more advanced courses. However, the degree also accommodates students who come to the MDiv without previous coursework in Bible or theology by enrolling them in certain introductory courses before engaging more advanced study.

Logsdon welcomes students who are called into bi-vocational ministry and recognizes that such persons may best prepare themselves for ministry by pursuing baccalaureate degrees which are not focused in theological study.

The faculty also recommends that a student pursue a baccalaureate curriculum which is thoroughly grounded in the liberal arts. Some specific liberal arts courses which would be especially valuable to a student are Hebrew, Greek, English composition and literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, world history, and research and writing.