Curriculum Overview

  • M.Div. Curriculum Overview

    The Master or Divinity at Logsdon Seminary is a 77-hour program for students who meet certain prerequisites in undergraduate or graduate coursework. The program requires at least three years to complete. Students whose academic preparation does not provide necessary prerequisites take graduate-level foundational courses that lengthen the degree up to 12 additional hours.

    If a student has met the required prerequisites or has completed the foundational curriculum, the Master of Divinity involves study in the following areas with specific determination of credit hours required in each area determined by the student's chosen ministry track.

    Preparing for Theological Study (3 hrs)

    Preparation for Ministry in the Church (2 hrs)

    Theological Research (1 hr)

    Interpreting Christian Scripture (18-24 hrs)

    Courses in Biblical Languages (for Pastoral Ministry Track) (12 hrs)

    Courses in Old Testament (6-9 hrs) [6 hrs may be fulfilled with foundational curriculum]

    Courses in New Testament (6-9 hrs) [6 hrs may be fulfilled with foundational curriculum]

    Understanding Christian Life and Thought (20 hrs)

    A course in Systematic Theology (3 hrs)

    A course in Christian History (3 hrs)

    A course in Christian Ethics (3 hrs)

    Christian Philosophy (2 hrs)

    Baptist Heritage and Thought (2 hrs)*

    Spiritual Formation (2 hrs)

    Elective courses (5 hrs)

    Ministering to Persons (19-24 hrs)

    Courses in Leadership in Ministry (Pastoral, Spiritual Care, Educational, Missions and Cross-

    Cultural, or Family Ministry) (11-16 hrs)

    A course in Education, Leadership, or Administration (3 hrs)

    A course in Evangelism (2 hrs)

    A course in Missions (3 hrs)

    An elective course (0-3 hrs)

    Integrating the Theory and Practice of Ministry (8 hrs)

    Supervision in Ministry (6 hrs)

    Capstone Seminar (2 hrs)

    Ministry Formation Activities**

    Free Electives (3-6 hrs)

    Total Hours - 77

    *Another course in Christian History may be substituted for students who are not Baptist.

    **See Spiritual Formation for more information on Ministry Activities.

    For more detailed information on the Master of Divinity curriculum, see the Logsdon Seminary Catalog.