Logsdon Alumni Council

The Logsdon Alumni Council is a group of alumni who provide counsel and support for the ministry of Logsdon Seminary from the unique perspective that only alumni can offer.

The Council seeks to accomplish this by promoting the interest and welfare of Logsdon Seminary and the field of theological education; assisting in recruitment, fund raising, and the promoting of academic excellence and student leadership; fostering relationships among seminary alumni; encouraging Logsdon Seminary alumni to support and become involved in Seminary activities; and providing assistance as may be requested for projects and activities of the Seminary.

The Council meets regularly and assists in structuring alumni-related programming. This working board of 18 members (max) represents a wide variety of demographics. They meet 2-3 times a year, usually on the Abilene Campus, to include a fall meeting in conjunction with George Knight Lectures and a spring meeting in conjunction with the T.B. Maston Lectures.

The Council, in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations, seeks to communicate with alumni and to provide avenues for alumni to continue and further their relationship with Logsdon and with others among the 600 alumni throughout the world.