Paying Your Bill

  • Paying Your Bill

    Abilene, Lubbock, and San Antonio Students

    Upon registration, students are required to complete a Financial Settlement Agreement form and take or send it to the HSU Business Office. The Financial Settlement form can be obtained from your advisor, the Office of the Associate Dean, or the HSU Business Office. The Financial Settlement Agreement offers several choices:

    1. indication that you have 100% Approved Financial Aid which will cover the cost of your tuition and fees,
    2. paying the balance in full, and
    3. a payment plan with four installments and specified deadlines.

    Payment may be made by check or credit card. If you do not complete and turn in the Financial Settlement form before the date on which the first installment is due, you will be dropped from your classes. If you register after the date of the first installment, you will be expected to make a payment on the day you register.

    Because of the brevity of the courses, a payment plan is not available for May Term and Summer courses.

    If you have concerns about the financial aid listed on your bill, please contact the Logsdon Financial Aid Office (325.670.1268) or the HSU Business Office (325.670.1217).

    Corpus Christi Students

    Corpus Christi students pay their bill through the South Texas School of Christian Studies. Please contact their Financial Director, Suzan Benson (, 361.991.9403) for more information.