Brister Lectures

Due to Coronavirus concerns, the Brister lectures for 2020 have been cancelled.

About the C.W. and Gloria Brister Lectures in Pastoral Care

CW and Gloria Brister

Through the support and gifts of the Brister family and many friends, the C.W. and Gloria Brister Lectures in Pastoral Care were created to honor the worldwide ministries and lifelong contributions of the late C.W. Brister, distinguished pastoral theologian, and his wife, Gloria. For over a half century, their lives impacted the larger enterprise of the Kingdom of God through the church, theological education, and missions.

C.W. and Gloria’s life-long passion to the cause of world missions and their deep commitment to the work of the Baptist World Alliance globalized the influence of their lives. People who have benefited from the devoted efforts of C.W. and Gloria reach into every corner of the world. The Bristers travelled to more than eighty countries all over the world. C. W. lectured at five international theological institutions, served as chair for the BWA Commission on Church Leadership, and served until his death in 2008 on the Christian Ethics Commission of the BWA. He authored or co-authored more than ten books, including his influential and widely used volume Pastoral Care in the Church. He was included in a number of Who’s Who and was a founding member of the Society of Pastoral Theology.

A critical need remains to nurture pastors as shepherds who can reflect theologically on the crucial issues of life and lead caring, healthy congregations to embrace the mission of the church. C.W. Brister forged a distinctive legacy of pastoral ministry studies that remain vital for today’s ministers. His definition of pastoral care rings true: “Pastoral care is the mutual concern of Christians for each other and for those in the world for whom Christ died.”

The “C.W. and Gloria Brister Lectures in Pastoral Care” honors the legacy of the Bristers’ ministry. This lecture series not only honor the service and ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Brister, but also provide a much needed opportunity for furthering the pastoral theology and skills of ministers in the church today.