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Realizing Hope, 2017 Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference

The 2017 Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference is to be held February 10-11, 2017 at Logsdon Seminary in Abilene. The conference theme, Realizing Hope, will explore what it means for women to realize hope for ministry opportunities, but also to encourage people to take an active role in the realization of that hope.

The purpose of the conference is to encourage all who are called to or serving in ministry, and to facilitate conversations about advocating for women in leadership throughout the church.

The conference will include sessions, panel discussions, breakouts on topics related to women in ministry and ministry equipping, and networking opportunities.



Plenary Speaker

REV. Dr. Renita Weems

The plenary speaker for this year’s conference is Reverend Dr. Renita Weems. Dr. Weems is a biblical scholar, academic administrator, writer, ordained minister, and a public intellectual whose scholarly insights into modern faith, biblical texts, and the role of spirituality in everyday lives maker her a highly sought-after writer and speaker.


Conference Preacher

REV. Dr. Meredith Stone

The conference preacher will be Reverend Dr. Meredith Stone. Dr. Stone teaches ministry and scripture at Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin-Simmons University, and serves as Director of Ministry Guidance.


Panel Discussions

Friday at 4:00-5:00 pm




Moving the Needle

Baptist churches have made some progress in openness to women in ministry, but the effort often feels painfully gradual. How can we in the church “move the needle” with more direct advocacy? And how can we make the kind of progress that balances contextual respect with prophetic courage?

Bob Ellis – Moderator

Taylor Sandlin

Candy Smith

Pam Durso

Logsdon Chapel
Stories of Realizing Hope

These women will share their personal stories about their journeys in ministry. They will bring attention to the real hope that exists for women in Baptist leadership and inspire us to participate more fully in the realization of that hope in the present and future.

Nora Lozano – Moderator

Cheryl Kimble

Pam Foster

Brittany McDonald-Null

Moody Center 108
Saturday at 8:30-9:30 am






Race, the Church, and Women

This panel will explore how race contributes to the understanding and practice of women in ministry in churches today.

Myles Werntz – Moderator

Jewel London

Anyra Cano

Mary Alice Birdwhistell

Logsdon Chapel
Stories of Realizing Hope

These women will share their personal stories about their journeys in ministry. They will bring attention to the real hope that exists for women in Baptist leadership and inspire us to participate more fully in the realization of that hope in the present and future.

Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski – Moderator

Becky Jackson

Ellen Di Giosia

Sarah Greenfield

Logsdon Reception Room

Breakout Sessions in Logsdon Classrooms

1:15 – 2:15
10:00 – 11:00
Casting the Demon of Sexism out of the Church

Sexism – or privileging the masculine while subordinating the feminine – is pervasive in all societies and seems inevitably to seep into our churches. How can we be aware of sexism in the church, whether overt or subconscious, and work toward more Christlike perspectives and structures with women and men serving the church alongside one another?

Teresa & Bob Ellis Logsdon 188 Logsdon 188
Navigating the Call Process

For soon-to-be college and seminary graduates, spring is the season of searching, the time to look for that first full-time ministry placement. Spring is also the season of searching for seasoned ministers as well. Join Pam Durso for a conversation about the call process, which will include advice on healthy spiritual practices before and during the process and practical suggestions about networking, interviewing, and negotiating.

Pam Durso Logsdon 183 Logsdon 183
“The Lord Is with You”: On Hearing Women’s Voices in the Bible

We will engage stories of women in the Bible who hear voices and whose voices are heard. Together we will examine God’s partnership with women in the Bible and in the process, perhaps, we can begin to find voices of our ow

John Hunt Logsdon 187 Logsdon 187
God Gave You Voice, Use It!

As a women called into ministry sometimes we forget that God gave us our voice for a reason. We have an obligation to use our prophetic voices to further the Kingdom of God. Being a woman in this world means we have a lot of challenges to finding churches that are willing to allow our voices to be heard but our voices are God given and as long as we allow God to speak through us we need to have the courage to stand up and proclaim. We will talk about what it’s like to be a woman in ministry and what it’s like to pastor a congregation.

Cheryl Kimble Logsdon 185
Maleness and Femaleness: Valuable Qualities for Ministry
Characteristics intrinsic to both male and female people contribute as valuable qualities for ministry. In this session we will consider how we all can use male and female within us to contribute to relationships and our function as ministers. Male and female, we are created in the image of God and intended to work together as one body.
Randall Maurer & Sarah Greenfield Logsdon 184
Serving for the Long-Run…Keys for Longevity in Vocational Ministry

Young ministers often ask me, “How do you do it?” They are referring to vocational ministry, serving on a church staff or being a woman pastor. There are no simple answers to this question but I do believe there are some key factors that have helped me serve for over four decades. Some factors have been essential to restoring joy, working with a team or dealing with the emotional toll of people and pressures.

Candy Smith Logsdon 185
Reaching the Next Generation of Hispanics

One-half of the entire Hispanic population in the United States is 33 years old or younger. Discover what you ought to know about Hispanic Millennials, Next-Generation Hispanics and how to reach them in ministry.

Jesse Rincones Logsdon 184

About Women in Ministry Conferences

Women in Ministry conferences provide encouragement, ministry equipping, networking opportunities, and support in exploring women’s leadership roles in a variety of contexts. Women in ministry conferences are for women, men, students, ministry professionals, and lay persons.