Future Students

A Letter to Future Students

Dear Future Student,

We are grateful for your interest in Logsdon Seminary. Exploring God’s call to ministry presents exciting prospects and decisions. Among the most important decisions is the choice of a seminary where you will continue your preparation for a lifetime of service in the ministry. Let us take a moment to reflect upon the advantages Logsdon offers.

At Logsdon you will study with a first class faculty with a deep passion for the church. We believe that training ministers involves nurturing both mind and heart, placing a high priority on both spiritual formation and rigorous intellectual challenges. We combine seminar experiences with ministry-based learning in order to prepare students for service in God’s Kingdom. Most of our students are actively engaged in ministry throughout their seminary years.

At Logsdon seminars are kept intentionally small so that professors truly get to know each student. Professors are mentors as well as instructors. Students and faculty learn and worship together in many settings both inside and outside the seminar room. Here you will engage the great theological issues to their fullest, acquire the knowledge and skills required of ministry, while also experiencing a deepening journey of faith in the company of fellow disciples – faculty and students alike.

As you prayerfully consider the decision of seminary we hope you will explore the opportunities that await you at Logsdon. We are a committed community of people vitally engaged in developing servant leaders for ministry. We invite you to join us and are prepared to assist in every way we can.