Choosing Logsdon

  • Choosing Logsdon

    While there are many reasons to make Logsdon your first choice in graduate seminary preparation for ministry, here are a few of the most important elements to remember as you consider your options:

    Seminar-Styled Classes

    Classes at Logsdon are intentionally kept small to facilitate classroom interaction. While because of their nature some introductory courses are more lecture-focused, most courses are designed with the intent of dialogue and student participation/leadership. Seminar-style classes allow students to learn not only from the textbooks and professor, but also from each other. The seminar model allows students and faculty to journey together on the quest for ministry preparation and excellence.

    Practical Learning

    Though the theological education at Logsdon does seek to academically challenge students, the intent is for academics to become praxis. As a graduate program which provides professional preparation, academics at Logsdon are not advanced for the sake of scholarship alone. Rather, Logsdon degree programs focus on turning theory into practice so that the student/minister may be able to incorporate theologically-sound principles into his/her ministry.

    Multiple Locations

    Logsdon's aim is to increase the availability of accredited theological education. Thus, Logsdon offers coursework on six campuses in Texas (Abilene, Corpus Christi, DFW, Lubbock, McAllen and San Antonio). Providing course schedules that make attending class easier for working students is also a priority. We offer one-day a week classes which meet throughout the day including the evening, some weekend classes, intensive week-long summer and January term classes, and occasionally online classes.


    Logsdon diligently works to make tuition costs affordable to students. While graduate tuition for Hardin-Simmons in the 13-14 academic year is $745 per semester hour, Logsdon tuition is only $378 per semester hour. Because of our affiliation with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), and the generous provision of ministerial financial aid provided by the BGCT for Baptist students, that cost is reduced even further to an effective rate of $208 per semester hour for Baptist students. (After their first year, students must be an active member of a church affiliated with the BGCT to keep that tuition rate). Logsdon also provides a number of merit and need-based scholarships each term.