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HSU Unveils Christlieb Seal at Logsdon Forum



Logsdon has had a busy last few days holding the 4th annual Logsdon Forum on Friday, welcoming alumni for homecoming, and holding a baptism class for ministry students on Monday.

4th Annual Logsdon Forum

This year’s Logsdon Forum featured Dr. Travis Frampton, Vice President for University Mission and Strategic Vision. Frampton shared how James B. Simmons had a prophetic voice in the midst of slavery and how individuals can find their prophetic voice today.

“History is still with us. We live out the stories that have preceded us,” he said.

Simmons’ abolitionist voice developed was when he witnessed a fugitive slave trial. Reflecting on the slave’s attempt to flee, Simmons wrote the following.

“The Presbyterian marshal pursued his Methodist brother [the fugitive] with revolver in hand, shooting at him twice before he caught him. My soul was horrified. I said to myself, ‘When in the name of heaven, shall a man who fears God speak, if not now?’ I did speak. My subject was ‘The American Slave System tried by the Golden Rule.’”

Despite criticisms, a threat of tar and feathers, and even the burning of his church, Simmons continued to use his prophetic voice to preach justice in an unjust society. Simmons said that the fire of a gun, the fire that burned his church, and the fiery argument of debate all fueled his desire to see the end of slavery.

Reminding the audience that prophets are rarely popular, Dr. Frampton challenged the attendees to use their prophetic voice to help others.

“May our education here always see the needs of others and be the solution for the person who can’t speak for themselves,” he said.

After the lecture, HSU unveiled the Christlieb Seal, designed by Todd Clower, Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer, and constructed by Dr. Steve Neves, Associate Professor of Art. A gift from the class of 2016, the seal depicts James, Mary, and Robert Simmons. The rim contains the names of each person as well as the words “I did speak,” “Yours in the love of Christ,” “West” (the name of the fugitive slave), and “Christlieb College.” The seal will soon be placed in the middle of the Alumni Wall.

Logsdon Coffee

Amid the Homecoming festivities, Logsdon held a coffee with alumni, Logsdon faculty, and Dr. Robert Ellis, Dean of Logsdon Seminary and the Logsdon School of Theology. Stories of the past were shared as alumni reconnected with their professors and classmates.

Baptism Class

On Oct. 15, Logsdon School of Theology’s Ministry Formations class went to First Baptist Church Abilene to practice baptisms. Logsdon does not only focus on classroom instruction. It also gives future ministers opportunities for experiential learning and practical application.

Mike Greenfield, Pastor for Administration and Spiritual Development, shared helpful tips for making baptisms run smoothly. Some were essentials: “Never overfill the baptistry” or “be sure to check the water temperature.” Others were suggestions, such as having a family member or friend read a candidate’s testimony before the baptism. The ten students took turns baptizing each other and practicing their script for the occasion.