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Introducing Logsdon Chapel Worship



During the school year, the Logsdon community enjoys gathering for weekly worship, preaching, and discussion. This experience was formerly known as Logsdon Colloquium. This year, Colloquium is taking a new spin and a new name. Logsdon Chapel Worship will emphasize contemplative prayer and worship and make undergraduate students a part of the services.

Every year, Logsdon Colloquium has had a theme to center the sermons and discussions. This year’s theme is Practicing and Being the Presence of Christ. Instead of incorporating “table talk” discussion groups, Logsdon Chapel Worship will focus on practicing the presence of Christ through contemplative prayer, silence, centering prayer, and lectio divina.

Dr. Meredith Stone, Assistant Professor of Scripture and Ministry, coordinates Logsdon Chapel Worship. She hopes that the emphasis on contemplative prayer will help students not just listen to others talk about God but listen to God and sense the presence of Christ. Her goal is to have two-thirds of the services be worship-centered and one-third be contemplative.

Another goal is to make Logsdon Chapel Worship open and inviting for undergraduate students as well as Logsdon graduate students. While Colloquium has always been open to others, she hopes to make the space more inviting for undergrad students to be a part of the Logsdon family. Students who attend will also receive chapel credit.

Some special speakers for this year include Paul Baxley, Executive Coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and Jeremy Everett, Founder and Executive Director of the Texas Hunger Initiative. Logsdon alumni Lauren and David Bass will also share about their experience as missionaries in Phnom Penn, Cambodia. Logsdon will be hosting the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission’s Micah 6:8 Conference in the spring. One session will be held as a part of Logsdon Chapel Worship.

The first Logsdon Chapel Worship will be on August 29 from 11:55 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. with following services every Thursday.