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Logsdon Introduces New Degree Plans



Logsdon Seminary has redesigned its Master of Divinity and Master of Art in Family Ministry programs, creating more streamlined degrees. On the undergraduate level, Logsdon School of Theology has created a new Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and a new Worship Ministry degree.

Graduate Program Changes

The new MDiv program will now be only 75 hours and is designed to be completed in three years. The new degree plan is streamlined into three degrees: Spiritual Care, Pastoral Ministry, and Family Ministry tracks. The Family Ministry track remains largely the same, but the Spiritual Care track allows students to trade off language study for more elective hours. The new degree plan modifies the prerequisites part of the degree to allow flexibility to students who do not need certain courses.

“The changes reflect the various ministry paths that our students find themselves on, some of which will need more training in practical ministry courses than advanced languages, while still wanting to retain the languages essential for understanding the Scriptures,” said Dr. Myles Werntz, associate professor of Christian ethics and practical theology and the T.B. Maston chair of Christian ethics. “We think it will give more students access to the training they need ultimately.”

Werntz officially began his duties as the new MDiv program director this fall. “I’m looking forward most to helping students tailor their degrees in ways which will help them most fully pursue their vocations,” he said. “In administering the MDiv, I get to be deeply involved in helping students make the most of this valuable time they have for ministry preparation.”

The MAFM program, directed by Dr. Randall Maurer, is now only 51 hours. The program now has a more focused counseling core and more flexibility for ministry electives. Maurer, professor of psychology and family ministry, looks forward to Logsdon’s continued growth and classroom experience.

Undergraduate Changes

The new BBS in Worship Ministry is similar to a double major in Music and Ministry. Students will take courses in Music Theory & Composition, Music History & Literature, and Church Music, Bible, Theology, Christian History, and Ministry. This degree is designed to help students be prepared to be music ministers, but also take on other responsibilities in the church. In many small churches, the music minister also serves as a youth minister, children’s minister, or in other roles. The BBS in Worship Ministry prepares students for diverse ministry opportunities.

Logsdon School of Theology previously only offered a major in Ministry as a Bachelor of Behavioral Science. With the new addition of a BA in Ministry, students can choose to take Spanish to use in the context of missions, or they can take Hebrew or Greek to help them become more proficient in the biblical languages.