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Logsdon Student Publishes First Book

Relax: Jesus’ Peace In the Midst of It All



Logsdon MDiv student, Mardochee Estinvil, published his first book, Relax: Jesus’ Peace In the Midst of It All. His book reminds readers that amid difficulties, people can experience peace in Jesus.

Many people think that peace comes after one gets to heaven. However, Estinvil’s book helps readers develop a mindset where they can experience God’s peace now. The book challenges readers to thrive in difficulties instead of allowing the difficulties to move them. His work doesn’t challenge believers to ignore their reality but encourages them to thrive in their circumstances.

“When I look at things from a social perspective, how family issues and natural disasters affect us, we struggle on a personal level,” Estinvil said. “It’s good to consider, ‘how do we live in the midst of all of these things?’ The word that came to my mind was relax.”

Estinvil says he hopes that readers see their relationship with Christ as a journey instead of just a means to go to heaven. His goal is for readers to enjoy the peace that is found in Jesus.

Estinvil graduated with a double major in business leadership and biblical theology from Baptist University of the Américas. After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Estinvil received a call to ministry. He assists in several ministries in his mother’s non-profit organization, First Fruit Haiti, and helps lead mission trips to Haiti as well. Estinvil also helps in the children’s ministry at Trinity Baptist Church San Antonio. After graduating from Logsdon, Estinvil hopes to serve in educational ministry and missions in Haiti.

Relax is available on Amazon and AuthorHouse.