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New Logsdon Leadership Roles Announced

Stone, Werntz, and Estes in New Positions



(ABILENE, Texas) The beginning of a new school year brings new faces and new positions to the seminary campus. Logsdon is pleased to announce that Dr. Meredith Stone has been named Logsdon’s associate dean for academics, Dr. Myles Werntz is the new director of the Master of Divinity program, and Mr. Thomas Estes is joining the faculty as a part-time instructor in ministry and will serve as the director of ministry guidance.

Dr. Meredith Stone

Dr. Meredith Stone

Dr. Stone, assistant professor of scripture and ministry, was promoted to associate dean for academics of Logsdon Seminary this fall. In this new position, she will be giving academic leadership to all of the seminary programs, especially at the master’s level. In addition to her administrative role, Dr. Stone is a beloved teacher and mentor of students.

“Dr. Stone is a gifted administrator and teacher, who has excellent academic instincts and wisdom with regard to graduate theological education,” said Dr. Bob Ellis, dean of Logsdon Seminary and the Logsdon School of Theology. “We are fortunate to have her leadership and look forward to her creative and insightful work on behalf of Logsdon Seminary students and faculty.”

Dr. Stone’s new responsibilities include overseeing academic offerings of the seminary as well as the assessment and development of academic programs.

“Theological education in the 21st century is in a state of flux as we are adapting to meet the needs of a changing church,” said Stone. “I am looking forward to the years ahead as Logsdon Seminary creatively seeks ways to continue serving the church faithfully, and to prepare ministers who will be able to lead and care for God’s beloved community today and for generations to come.”

Dr. Myles Werntz

Dr. Myles Werntz
Dr. Myles Werntz

Dr. Werntz is the new director of the Master of Divinity program at Logsdon. Werntz also serves as Logsdon’s assistant professor of Christian Ethics and Theology.

“Dr. Werntz, who holds the T.B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics at Logsdon, is a remarkable teacher who has a gift for melding theological insight with practical life in the church and world,” said Ellis. “He has a passion for ministry preparation and will be a wise mentor for MDiv students as they move through their seminary studies.”

Werntz says he is looking forward to helping students tailor their degrees in ways which will help them most fully pursue their vocations. “In administering the M.Div., I get to be deeply involved in helping students make the most of this valuable time they have for ministry preparation,” Werntz said.

Werntz’s new responsibilities include helping register students, making sure students are taking courses they need, performing graduation checks at the end of the semester, and running reports at the end of the academic year to measure student performance.

“My goal is to make sure that students are provided the options that they needed in order to help accommodate their schedules, but also to support their career aspirations,” said Werntz. “I want to make sure they’re getting what they need in a way that will work with all the things they have going on in their lives.”

Werntz says he is looking forward to being hands-on with students as they are moving through the MDiv program.

Mr. Thomas Estes

Thomas Estes
Mr. Thomas Estes

Thomas Estes will be teaching as a part-time instructor in ministry for the Logsdon School of Theology and will serve as the director of ministry guidance for baccalaureate ministry students at Logsdon. Estes earned his bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University and his MDiv from Logsdon in 2018. He is the pastor of Cottonwood Baptist Church Cross Plains and recently released an EP titled “Cain.”

“Mr. Estes blends academic excellence with a heart for compassionate ministry,” said Ellis. “His gifts will be a great asset to all students at HSU and to Logsdon undergraduate students in particular, through his teaching in gen ed classes and ministry courses.”

This semester, Estes is teaching two sections of New Testament Survey. He will also be involved in other ministry courses, including Ministry Internship and Supervision in Ministry,

Estes says his goal in ministry guidance is to offer guidance as students work to discern the calling of God on their lives, equip young women and men to minister in the way of Jesus, and provide opportunities for students to serve in the community with local churches and non-profits.

As a pastor, Estes is able to balance both academic and practical ministerial pursuits. “My pastoral call and my teaching call are related. I have a foot in both worlds,” he said. “I hope to help students integrate their faith into the larger experiences they’ll be having as ministers and to create good relationships between our students and local churches.”