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Stone, Hunt to Serve in New Positions



As the 2018-19 school year begins, the Logsdon faculty has grown and changed. Dr. Meredith Stone has been promoted to Assistant Professor of Scripture and Ministry, and John Hunt will serve as the new Director of Ministry Services and Instructor of Ministry.

“Logsdon is taking a big leap forward with the creation of a new position on the faculty for Dr. Meredith Stone and in the hiring of Mr. John Hunt to join our Logsdon community,” said Dr. Bob Ellis, Dean of the Logsdon School of Theology and Logsdon Seminary. “The addition of Dr. Stone’s role with the seminary faculty creates an exciting new dimension in our capacity to prepare persons for ministry. Mr. Hunt has proven himself to be an excellent instructor through several years of adjunctive teaching and brings unique skills to Logsdon in his capacity to connect with baccalaureate students, aiding them in spiritual formation, ministry guidance, scholarships, and placement.”

Dr. Stone has served as the Director of Ministry Guidance for the past four years, helping students find ministry internships and jobs, directing Logsdon’s scholarships, and teaching classes.

“My favorite moments have been the time I get to spend visiting with ministry students one-on-one as they are discerning their calling, considering the future, and discovering the layers of ministry’s blessings and challenges,” she said. “Being allowed into the holy space of a young minister’s formation is a sacred privilege.”

Although ministry guidance students will no longer be required to come to visit Dr. Stone, she plans to continue to walk alongside students in the same way and new ways.

“Much of my preparation for teaching ministry courses and counseling ministry students came in the form of various ministry experiences which I have had,” she said. “However, my Ph.D. is in biblical interpretation. In my new position, I look forward to being able to teach more in the area of Christian scripture in addition to continuing to teach some ministry courses. But whether the course has a Bible or ministry prefix, preparing students for the service of Christ’s church both in congregations and throughout the world will always be my aim.”

Logsdon is pleased to increase our diversity with another woman on the faculty.

“In Baptist and evangelical churches, people often do not see as many women in leadership,” Dr. Stone said. “For both women and men, I hope that my continued presence on the undergraduate faculty and increased role with the seminary faculty will help students and the community construct imaginations in which women are included and vital in the leadership and growth of churches and institutions.”


John Hunt served as the Director of Hardin-Simmons’ Baptist Student Ministries for the almost twelve years and has been teaching as an adjunct for Logsdon for the past three years. He enjoyed teaching these classes and getting to know ministry students.

Hunt is very interested in spiritual formation and led the BSM on trips to Ireland to study Celtic spirituality the past five years. As the new Director of Ministry Services, he hopes to be able to encourage students in their own spiritual formation.

“I’m really excited about it. I’m going to get to teach, work with our ministry students, and incorporate more spiritual formation,” he said.

Hunt graduated from HSU with his BA in English and Ministry in 2002 and from Logsdon with his MDiv in 2010. He hopes that he can make a difference in the lives of ministry students the way Logsdon professors impacted him.

“Logsdon professors were so instrumental in my own growth and development,” he said. “To have the chance to be in that role is very special and exciting. I would not be who I am, were it not for the professors that I had here.”

Hunt says Logsdon was instrumental not only in his career but in his own spiritual development.

“Rather than dogma, what I was given at Logsdon was the right kind of questions to ask,” he said. “Instead of someone telling me what I needed to believe, they helped me figure out how to figure out what I believe. I think that the difference that has made over time is that instead of just accepting whatever the accepted stance is, I’ve had the tools to figure out what I really think about things.”