Admission Information

  • Admission Information for MDiv & MAFM programs

    For information about admission, contact:

    Mr. Daniel Martin
    Coordinator of Student Services and Admissions

    Logsdon Seminary
    HSU Box 16235
    Abilene, TX 79698

    Eligibility for Graduate Seminary Study

    Logsdon Seminary welcomes men and women seeking preparation for Christian ministry. Admission to Logsdon Seminary is made through a formal application process. Logsdon Seminary complies with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, nationality or ethnicity, gender, age, or disability.

    Applicants for admission to Logsdon Seminary must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (with accreditation recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or holding membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada or the educational equivalent at a US or international university). The degree must contain a minimum of 42 advanced semester hours (courses designed for juniors and seniors). Students presenting degrees with less than 42 advanced hours must satisfy all other entrance requirements and complete sufficient undergraduate upper level hours before they are admitted.

    Deadlines for Admission

    Though we do not have application deadlines, the student should take note of the final registration date as it is the student's responsibility to make sure his/her application is completed in time to register for classes. If the student is expecting to receive any type of financial aid (including Ministerial Financial Aid from the Baptist General Convention of Texas), his/her application should be completed at least three weeks prior to the final registration date. However, the sooner one completes his/her application to Logsdon, the sooner financial aid can be awarded. Scholarship offers are made on November 15 and April 1. If any scholarship monies are still available after those dates, subsequent offers will be made as applications are completed. No scholarship money will be officially offered until the student has completed his/her application.

    Evaluation for Admission

    Admission to Logsdon Seminary is based upon a total evaluation of the following elements...

    Prior Academic Performance
    Consideration is given to a student’s grade point average (GPA) in all undergraduate coursework, GPA in major field, GPA in previous graduate study, adequacy of the liberal arts component of the undergraduate degree, and dates of completion of previous academic work.

    A student will complete an application form indicating previous experience and current aptitude for graduate theological study in preparation for ministry.

    Letters of Recommendation
    Three letters of recommendation are required reflecting evidence of a student’s character, commitment, and readiness for a graduate, professional program of study in ministry preparation.

    Church Endorsement
    A student is required to have the Church Endorsement Form completed by a church where he/she has been a member.

    Personal Interview
    A student will have an interview with a seminary representative.

    Additional Evaluation takes place for International Students (Link to International Student Requirements)

    Admission Categories

    There are several categories of admission status to Logsdon Seminary. Official notification of admission or non-admission is communicated solely through the Office of the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary.

    Full Admission
    Students who have completed all admission documents and procedures and have met all qualifications will be notified of full admission through the Office of the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary.

    Provisional Admission
    Undergraduate students in their final semester of undergraduate work may apply for admission and be granted Provisional Admission, with the permission of the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary, provided they meet the following criteria: the student lacks no more than 10 semester hours fulfilling the undergraduate degree program; all undergraduate coursework is completed during the final semester; the student meets all other admission criteria; and the student enrolls for no more than 6 hours semester at Logsdon.

    Tentative Admission

    In exceptional cases a student may receive Tentative Admission when all required materials cannot be provided prior to the beginning of a semester. To be granted tentative status a student must receive permission from the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary and immediately request all missing materials. Federal financial aid is not available to students who have received tentative admission. International students are not eligible for Tentative Admission. Tentative Admission is a one semester grace period during which the applicant must submit all required materials. Failure to comply will result in rescinding the applicant’s privilege of registering for the subsequent semester.

    Special Student Status

    Special Student Status is available for students who do not wish to apply for admission to a degree program but desire to take a limited number of courses in Logsdon Seminary. Students must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, submit copies of all previous undergraduate and graduate academic work, complete an application to Logsdon Seminary, and pay the application fee. Students admitted to this classification are limited to 12 hours taken at Logsdon Seminary and must pay all applicable tuition and fees. Should the student desire to enter a degree program, the full admission process will be required.


    Official notification of admission or non-admission is communicated solely through the Office of the Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary.