Graduate Fellowships

Logsdon grants a number of Graduate Fellowships each year. Graduate Fellows serve in various roles to assist Logsdon’s academic programs under the supervision of Logsdon faculty or staff. A fellowship involves approximately 10 hours of work per week through a fall or spring semester. GF’s are required to be full-time students (enrolling in at least 9 hours in a long semester) and are selected based on academic achievement and aptitude for particular tasks.
All of the supplemental items for application may be sent to the Office of Student Services or emailed to

Scholarship Form
Please complete the Logsdon Scholarship Application Form.

Please submit a essay which describes your academic experience, as well as aptitude for research, tutoring, grading, and other academic and administrative tasks. 500-750 words in length (typed, double-spaced) following the guidelines below:

  • Describe the qualifications you feel you have for the position
  • Explain why you are interested in serving as a graduate assistant

Letter of Recommendation 
A letter of recommendation from a former professor or pastor is strongly encouraged.
The letter of recommendation should describe the student’s character, commitment, and readiness for a graduate, professional program of study in ministry preparation.
Letters of recommendation may be completed formally, or electronically using an E Recommendation.

Resume or Curriculum vitae
Submit a personal resume or curriculum vitae that indicates your previous academic and employment experience.