Ministry Placement

Logsdon’s Ministry Guidance Office seeks to assist students and alumni who are seeking ministry employment.


Churches or ministry organizations seeking candidates to fill an open ministry position can submit the online submission form to provide information about the position. If preferred, they can also contact the Ministry Guidance Office directly using the information provided below. Ministry openings will be made available students or alumni who are seeking a transition in ministry employment. It is the responsibility of the student/alumni to contact the church/ministry organizations and send the appropriate materials to the places where they wish to apply. Since the Ministry Guidance Office does not directly send resumes, we cannot promise that churches or ministry organizations will receive a certain number of resumes by posting their open position. Unless otherwise noted, the position will continue to be listed with the Ministry Guidance Office for 4 months (or longer if requested) or until contacted that the position has been filled.


Students/alumni who are seeking ministry employment can schedule an appointment with the Director of Ministry Service to discuss their perception of their calling, giftedness, and areas of ministry interest. The director provides assistance in developing a resume which reflects their self-understanding, experience, and goals for ministry leadership. Students/alumni are then provided a listing of open ministry positions of which the Ministry Guidance Office is aware. It is the responsibility of students/alumni to contact the church/ministry organization and send the appropriate materials to the places where they wish to apply. Should the student receive a request for an interview from a church or ministry organization, counseling and interview preparation for the student is also offered if desired.